Be Astra Spectrum’s Distributer for Bertrand’s High Quality Professional Kitchen Equipment manufactured in their factory in Brussels Belgium. Made from quality stainless steal produced in France and Holland, Bertrand’s Professional Kitchen Equipment is the leader in High Quality Kitchen equipment, from Sweden through Germany and France, and many other countries. The advantages of becoming an Astra Spectrum Distributer of Bertrand’s Professional Kitchen equipment is that you need not hold much stock, as the factory holds ready stock constantly replenished, reducing tying down capital. You will get your order within 72 hours of ordering straight from the factory for available stock. As a Distributer, you will have access online through Astra Spectrum’s website to Bertrand’s catalogue and price list, which will give you direct access to available stock, to what is in production, and to what is on order, enabling an accurate delivery date. Look at Bertrand’s catalogue to view the wide range of Professional Stainless Steal Kitchen Equipment on offer, ranging of tables, shelves, sinks, hygiene items, trolleys, cabinets, baking/pastry furniture, hoods, fryers, Iberian Cuisine and Asian Cuisine equipment. All you need to do is go to Bertrand and click on Catalogue. To become a distributer go to Bertrand and click on either “Register as Main Distributer” (if you have a show room) or “Register as Distributer” (if you have no show room) and follow the registration process.